Here you can find information about tickets for Ilosaarirock Festival 2019.

Ilosaarirock tickets can be bought from and Tiketti.

Advance ticket prices:
• One day ticket (FRI/SAT/SUN) 103,50€
• Two day ticket (FRI–SAT/SAT–SUN) 133,50€
• Three day ticket (FRI–SUN) 169,50€
• PREMIUM ticket *sold out*

Ticket prices after 12 Jul 2pm / bought at the gate:
• One day ticket (FRI/SAT/SUN) 113,50€
• Two day ticket (FRI–SAT/SAT–SUN) 143,50€
• Three day ticket (FRI–SUN) 179,50€

Changes to the line-up, schedules and other arrangements of the festival are always possible and will be communicated without delay. The general practice is that festival tickets cannot be returned or refunded due to such events.


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