Architects filled Main Tent with sharp riffs

British metalcore band Architects drove the festival crowd wild with new songs and older material in Main Tent on Friday evening.

Sam Carter’s bold singing echoed around Main Tent. Photo: Jon Norppa

Aggressive metalcore riffs filled Main Tent as British Architects performed in Ilosaarirock on Friday evening. The gig started energetically with a song Modern Misery. Festival goers were infatuated right from the first sounds.

The band played songs mostly from their album ”Holy Hell” that was released last fall. After Modern Misery the band treated their audience with songs such as Holy Hell and Royal Beggars.  The album was inspired by the passing of their guitar player Tom Searle who was one of the founding members of the band. The loss can be heard from the songs of the album. However, they are also filled with vigor and drive. The band played a few songs, such as Nihilist, These Colours Don’t Run and A Match Made In Heaven, from their earlier albums.

The gig was shortly interrupted due to technical problems but the singer Sam Carter filled it with addressing the audience. He wanted to know if there were any Architects fans among the crowd and even though the tent was not filled, enthusiastic fans were well presented. There were also surprisingly many people who had come to listen to the band for the first time. Carter made the audience shout and compete which side of the audience was louder.

When the gig was coming to an end, Carter gave a short but touching speech for the late Tom Searle. The speech was followed by a song Gone With The Wind. The band performed it for the memory of the late guitar player.  The bold yet sad song created tangible atmosphere in the tent.

The last song of the gig was newly released single Doomsday from the album ”Holy Hell”. The rough and sharp riffs made the crow jump and shout.

People jumped and shouted as Architects performed.

Text: Kasper Kärkkäinen
Photos: Jon Norppa
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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