Camping sites compared – there is a place for partying and a place for relaxing

For many people, one of the most essential festival experiences of Ilosaarirock is partying at Ravileirintä camping. There is also a more peaceful option for relaxing. You can read about the best features of both camping sites here and choose where you stand.

Ravileirintä is a legendary camping site of Ilosaarirock. A true classic and a must-see that all festival goers should check out at some point. This year, a new camping site has emerged to challenge this classic – Nice and Easy camping site. This area is located at the west end of Ravileirintä and is separated from the rest of the area with fences. For a little extra money, you get a touch of luxury.

Maija, 23,  and Anna, 22, are glittering themselves under a shelter in Nice and Easy camping site.

– There are indoor toilets, free shower, lots of portable toilets and phone charging point here. The ticket costs a little bit more, but all the services inside the camping area are free, the women describe.

Both have been on festivals before, but this is their first time spending a night at a festival camping site. Ilosaarirock is also a whole new experience for them.

– We decided to be brave and come and to try this peaceful side. We didn’t want to go straight to the extreme-version. Indoor toilets and showers are great selling points. On other festivals we have spent the nights indoors at friends’ places, the women tell.

Getting their glitter on at Nice and Easy. Photo: Henri Huikuri

After a tranquil night towards an eventful day

The women partied the night away at the city center and came back to the camping site at 4 AM.

– This place was really quiet then and we slept like babies. There were no noises. We started to hear clamor just around 10 AM when people started to wake up. Earplugs were a really good idea because we still wanted to sleep. A sleeping mask would have probably made falling asleep easier ’cos it was quite bright in the morning.

Maija and Anni have not yet got acquainted with their neighbors.

– Perhaps, if the opportunity presents itself. This day is gonna be fun and eventful, or at least that is the goal.  The JVG gig would be nice to see.

Chilling on the terrace

Riikka, 22, Julia, 22, Mimmu, 22, Moona, 21 and Joona, 26, have claimed their territory and built a very stylish tent terrace from tarps. The youngsters from Vantaa and Rauma discovered Ravileirintä camping through a tip on social media.

– We read from Jodel that the best parties can be found at Ravileirintä camping. This is a very chill place, you can walk around in crocs and get to know new people. We all just hang around with everyone. The area is flat so you can see right away where people are going. The festival area is right next to the camping site and we can access it from here.

Tent tarp terrace. Photo: Henri Huikuri

Cozy night under the open sky

The friends are experienced tent campers.

– We have been to Ruisrock five times in a row but this year we decided to skip that and came here to try some new terrain. The first night went nicely under the open sky. We stayed up late and then slept well. Some people had been caught in the rain. Maybe the next night is better.

The group spend the night in a typical festival fashion.

– Where is our beer bong? We played with this a lot. We played games, sang songs and maybe danced a bit if my memory serves me right. That panther from Rauma also came to our terrace and is now resting its legs.

Party on!

Beer stays cool in this weather without extra gear.

– We didn’t prepare in any way because we knew that it was gonna be chilly. When the weather is warm, we keep our drinks in the shadows, under a car. I have sometimes dug a little hole under the tent.

The weather is looking promising and the group expects a great festival day.

– Today is the main day! Next night we will stay up and party as long as we can. It’s no brakes time!

Keeping it cool. Photo: Henri Huikuri


Text: Niina Turunen
Photos: Henri Huikuri
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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