Looking for a festival fling? These six tips will help!

A touch of rain has tempered the festival crowd now and then, but what better way to heat up the night than a little romance? If you're still single and ready to mingle, take a look at these tips from the festival audience.

A love story. Photo: Piia Kinnunen

Summer and festivals are full of adventure, beating hearts and even a little need for love. Some romance can be the icing on the best weekend of the summer. Your trusted reporter went out looking for the best tips for finding and winning over that special someone. Here’s what the couples of the crowd had to say.

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude

The festival goers listed properties they are looking for when they’re on the lookout. If you take them at their word, your best bet is to be yourself and throw yourself into the fray with a positive attitude and an open mind. People are drawn to good vibes, so leave the grouchy face at home.

Don’t be a slob

Although the responses emphasize inner beauty, good looks can’t hurt. Your festival attire and some personal grooming can can catch the eye of a potential flame. If last night’s party lasted in to the wee hours and you’re not up peacocking with a flashy outfit, you should at least do some personal grooming. Brushing your pearly whites is the absolute minimum!

Use nonverbal communication

The eyes are the gateway to the soul. You don’t always need to use words, our couples tell us. A flirty gaze is more useful than a slick pickup line. Just be careful not to slip into a stalker stare.

Get out of your comfort zone

The collective wisdom of the festival crowd says to venture onto uncharted terrain, musically speaking. If you’re watching your favorite band, you’re focused on the music, but when you’re listening to an unknown band for the first time, you tend to notice better what (and who) is going on around you.

Seize the moment

Festivals are full of unanticipated moments, and any plan survives intact only until the first gig. Spontaneity is one of the features that our interviewees highlight. So go with the flow and seize unexpected opportunities when they present themselves. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out what your next move should be when you bump into your dream partner in front of the kissing booth,  or hear the intro to the traditional last song in Juustodisco and see another lonely soul without a dance partner.

Trust in humor and straight suggestions

Festivals are all about having fun, so maybe you should postpone asking phone numbers and making marriage proposals for a later day. The interviewees would trust in the power of humor, but leave the slimy lines aside. If you are all out of good anecdotes at the end of a long day, a straight suggestion may prove to be very effective. For example, just throwing out a proposition ”We have booze at our tent” might just award you a new friend. Scenarios for the rest of the night are limitless.

Be safe, use protection. Photo: Janina Joutsen

Text: Noora Koponen
Photos: Piia Kinnunen and Janina Joutsen
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto and Tuuli Ahonen

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