Peace, love and rock n’roll — Ilosaarirock’s values wall vibes with good atmosphere and caring

This year, festival goers are first greeted by a big wall packed with colorful words. The writing on the wall describes ideas and values that are important to Ilosaarirock. But which of them are dearest and nearest to the festival crowd? And which ones are needed for the best weekend of the summer?

ILO hi and lo. Photo: Janina Joutsen

The great big ILO, Finnish for ’joy’, are sure to be noticed by everyone. Under the orange lettering are values that are important to the Ilosaarirock Festival. Besides being an excellent photo backdrop, it makes for good conversation among the festival crowd milling in.

Peace, love and music. These words come up most often when audience members are asked to list the three most important values on the wall. Equality, environmentalism and taking care of others are mentioned almost as often. Your trusted reporter is overjoyed. It’s wonderful that caring about others is felt as one of the most important features of a festival. One gentleman replying throws in a kiss with a playful smile. And what better time for a new or renewed romance than a festival weekend.


Music and community, but respecting nature

The most topical issue brought up is nature protection. It’s emphasized by the festival goers and the festival itself, which this year has placed even more resources to recycling and nature protection. On top of the cleaning and recycling volunteers, the festival is fielding recycling specialists who help and guide the cleaners. Other current issues coming up are equality and taking care of those weaker than yourself. Pride marches and the freedom to be yourself are mentioned often.

When asked for the recipe for the best weekend of the summer, music is the most common answer. Sprinkle in some equality, peace, joy and community and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable festival experience, with some cherry kisses on top.


All you need is love, joy and music for the best weekend of the summer. Photo: Piia Kinnunen


Text: Anne Tuovinen
Photo: Janina Joutsen and Piia Kinnunen
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

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