Second festival day started colorfully with a color powder party

One of the partners of Ilosaarirock this year is the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The Union is celebrating their 100th anniversary at the same time. We ventured to a color powder party organised by the Union to see how colorful Linnunlahti beach can be.

We got the idea for a color powder party from Ilosaarirock, Grete Ahtola, project manager from the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, tells. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

The air is filled with loud bangs and thick colorful smoke. The second day of Ilosaarirock has been kicked of in a showy and colorful manner. It is none other than the first color powder party of Ilosaarirock.

Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s project manager Grete Ahtola tells us that the idea for the color powder party came from Ilosaarirock. The organizers of the festival had been looking for someone to make the party possible and the Union gladly stepped up. Ahtola praises the overall atmosphere and is glad that a lot of people have found their way to the beach.

Linnunlahti beach bathes in the sun and energizes festival goers for the second festival day. Ahtola tells that the color powder is allergy-free and made out of corn powder. As such, nobody needs to worry about inhaling some of the powder.

Ahtola has liked the project and she is pleased that she got to work on something out of the daily routine. She also advertises that it is possible for the festival goers to fill out a playful Fall For an Engineer test in the Ilosaari Lounge, to find out if an engineer would be a suitable significant other for you

Feel of international festivals to Finland

In practice the party works as follows: everyone takes a small pack of color powder, opens it and throws the powder in their chosen direction. Some organizers also have more heavy-duty gear such as color powder bombs and color powder extinguishers.

Anni Pesonen and Saara Sahlsten from Joensuu are enjoying the vibes of the color powder party. Sahlsten is an experienced festival goer and she has been in Ilosaarirock a respectable twenty times. The duo is not unfamiliar with color powder parties, they have seen pictures of such parties held in international festivals. They have hoped to attend one in Finland and at last they got their wish in Ilosaarirock. Anni and Saara came prepared with a seconds set of clothes. One thing, however, caught them off guard.

– The only thing we did not take into consideration was keeping our moths closed, Sahsten tells laughingly.

Anni and Saara in color powder party at  Linnunlahti beach. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

Some extra spices to a regular disco

Event production trainee Jenny Koivisto ended up throwing color powder on the joyful festival goers. This was the third Ilosaarirock for her. Even though the powder can be washed away easily, she prepared by coming to the party in her scrubbiest clothes. We asked if she’d be interested in organising her own color powder party in the future:

– Definitely. This is far from a regular, boring disco.

Color powder does not bother Jenny for she is wearing her scrubby clothes. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

Party make-up on!

The web press also got dipped in the color powder. Our translator Tuuli Ahonen tells that she came to the party out of love for colors.

– You do not get to experience this kind of events often. This powder actually tastes quite good, she remarks as some of the powder is thrown on her face.

Lastly, we meet a brother trio that calls itself as Sons of the old Kortelainen. According to them, the most important things of Ilosaarirock are the sense of community and friends. This festival is special for them since they get to meet their study mates, as they themselves live out of Joensuu nowadays.

– We are so-called comeback-rockers, they tell us.

The brothers decide to style your trusted reporter’s jacket with color powder, to give us our own part of the colorful magic. The color powder party is a great way to kick of Saturday in good vibes. Now we are all ready to head towards other happening of the festival with new party make-up on!

Sons of the old Kortelainen covered in color powder. Photo: Sampsa Geijer


Teksti: Mirja Kallinen
Kuvat: Sampsa Geijer ja Markus Korpi-Hallila
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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