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Brigitte Zurbriggen from Switzerland took photos in Ilosaarirock festival

Because of my interest in music, I became interested in the visual imagery surrounding music, particularly photography. As a mother of three children, photography has offered a pleasant balance to my life. At Zurich and Biel in Switzerland, I photographed HIM and the opening band, Zeraphine; this was my first major job. As I continued to learn more about different aspects of music, I discovered that Finland has a unique popular music scene. Therefore, I decided to document this in some way while traveling through Finland. At Ilosaarirock, I learned many things about Finnish music, and music from abroad as well.

I teamed up with Matt Dorman, a doctoral candidate in popular music studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara for most of the festival. We helped each other with our respective areas of expertise and we had a great time, too. Though I liked many bands, I particularly enjoyed the performances of Cradle Filth, 69Eyes, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Don Johnson Big Band, Scandinavian Music Group, Rinneradio and YUP.


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