: Ilosaarirock 2005



Ilosaarirock 2005 is sold out!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are over 60 or under 8 years of age you can enter the Festival area for FREE. Kids are obviously allowed in ONLY with an ADULT guardian and under strict supervision. There are no age limits at the Ilosaari site, the clubs or the camping areas. The only time to have to prove your age is when buying alcohol.

Sulo-Club at the YLEX-stage (Second Stage) on Friday 15th July, 12€ at the door
Töminä at the Ice Rink on Friday 15th July, 8€ at the door
Metelli-Club at the Ice Rink on Saturday 16th July, 10€ at the door
End Of The Festival-Club at the Ice Rink Sunday 17th July, 10€ at the door

The Ice Rink is directly opposite the Festival site Main Gate, about 150 meters away.

When you arrive to the Festival Main Gate you will be given a WRIST BAND to wear in exchange for your TICKET. Check that the one you are given is OK: make sure it fastens properly and is not too loose. If you've put it on and you think it's not right, ask a member of staff to correct it for you immediately. The wristband will be checked EVERY TIME you enter the site and you will NOT be permitted to enter with a BROKEN wristband. If you loose your wristband you will NOT be able to get another one so LOOK AFTER IT.

Although there are plenty of staff queues are inevitable. The biggest queues tend to form between 11 am – and 2 pm but be prepared to wait in a queue to exchange your ticket at any time.


This year we have FIVE different stages.

The Main Stage (Päälava) is at the back of the site, the Second Stage (YLEX) is to the right, Rekka Lava (The Truck Stage) is next to the YLEX stage, Rento Lava (The Relax Stage) is down by the beach and the Third Stage (Kolmoslava) is at the front of the site just as you enter from the Main Gate.

Map of the site.


Map of Joensuu:

Tourist Guide: Welcome to Joensuu: (PDF-file)

The town of Joensuu's Official page:

General information about Finland:

Connections to Joensuu:
Trains: www.vr.fi
By Air: www.finnair.com
By Bus: www.expressbus.fi

A special FESTIVAL BUS runs all weekend between the Joensuu Railway Station and the Festival site when special "Rokki" trains arrive. The bus is FREE of charge and leave the Railway Station as soon as they are full so there is no time table as such.


The Festival organisers have arranged two different ways to crash out during the Festival weekend:

Ravileirintä Camping - a temporary campsite which is situated right next to the Festival site (on a field normally used for horse racing) and

School Accommodation in Lyseon Lukio School, (Koskikatu 8), about 10 min. walk from the Festival site. Both of these sites are reserved only for the festivalgoers so be prepared to present your ticket or your wristband on arrival.

Linnunlahti Camping, Joensuu's official campsite is also open during the festival. It is situated on the other side of the Festival site and has all normal campsite services. There is also a sandy beach. For more info please contact: www.linnunlahticamping.fi or mail: info@linnunlahticamping.fi.

Any unauthorised camping and parking in the surrounding areas are controlled by Festival security together with the police. SETTING UP A TENT IN ANY OTHER THAN DESIGNATED CAMPSITES IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Sleeping in your car is ONLY permitted in Linnunlahti Camping.

Ravileirintä Camping operates during the Festival weekend from Thursday 14th 'til Monday 18th July and is guarded. There are lavatories all around the site and access to water, spots where you can build a camp fire and a few stalls selling food. Because this is a temporary campsite there is no shower facility. It is possible to have a shower in the Palloilukeidas Sports Hall across the road, for 2 €.

Please print the Accommodation form (pdf, rtf), and hand it in (filled) on your arrival as it will speed up the process of signing in. Ravileirintä Camping starts Thursday at 18.00 and stays open 'til Monday 12.00 o´clock.

Prices for Ravileirintä camping:
From Thursday 14th till Monday 18th July: 17€/per person
From Friday 15th till Monday 18th July: 12€/per person

Cars are NOT allowed in the campsite but there is a designated carpark.

The School Accommondation at Lyseon Lukio, (Koskikatu 8) is operated by the Festival organisers and can be booked in advance from the Pop Office via e-mail: popoffice@ilosaarirock.fi. The price is 8€ per person per night, payable on arrival. The price includes a mattress in a classroom (which are turned into shared dorms during the festival) and access to showers. There is a Cafeteria which serves breakfast for a few €. It is also possible to leave your valuables at the School to be looked after for a small fee.

The School Accommodation is open from Friday the 15th July 15.00 'til to 12 o'clock on Monday 18th July. You have to confirm your reservation at the school latest by 17.00 on Saturday. The free Festival Bus stops at the school all day Friday and Saturday morning. On Sunday the bus will NOT stop there.

PLEASE NOTE: The places at the School sell out quickly so book as early as possible.

Hotel information can be found in:


Safety and enjoyment go hand in hand especially in a big outdoor event like this. It doesn't matter if this is your 20th or your first festival experience, please read the following carefully:


CROWD SURFING is banned at Ilosaari at all five stages and the Clubs so DO NOT ATTEMPT it.


The Finnish law does not allow you to bring any fluid containers which may contain ALCOHOL into the Festival site. There are alcohol deposits at the Main Entrance Gate called "Viinanarikka" (Booze Park) where you can leave your drinks for safe keeping.

Only CLEAR PLASTIC soft drink or water containers are allowed: GLASS containers are NOT allowed into the Festival site. The Security personnel have a right to make spot checks by smelling the contents of your drink container. If they suspect it contains alcohol they have the right to confiscate it.

There are two large fenced bar areas serving beer, cider and soft drinks. They also sell cigarettes. By Finnish law you have to be 18 years old to be served alcohol so don't take any chances and be prepared to prove your age. In Finland only official ID cards with a picture are accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: CREDIT CARDS are NOT accepted in the bars. Pay preferably with cash. (Finnish Bank Cards are accepted.)

CHILDREN are NOT allowed in the fenced bar areas.

Don't become dehydrated by drinking only alcohol. Remember it's a long day: pace yourself and keep hydrated with water and soft drinks -preferably water. Watch your fluid intake and always have some water with you. Drinking water points (taps where you can fill up for free) are open all weekend around the Festival site and soft drinks can be bought from many food stalls as well.


Drugs, hard or soft, are no more legal at festivals than they are anywhere else so the same penalties apply. Festivals and large crowds can be disorientating experiences so this is definitely NOT the place to start experimenting.


The First Aid tent next to the Main Gate will provide medical and First Aid services and it operates throughout the Festival. Remember to bring YOUR usual medication, antihistamines and inhaler, etc. and tell your friends of any allergies you have.


Don't take loads of valuables with you as unfortunately thieves &pickpockets have been known to operate in the Festival area. Only take what you really need: leave those diamond rings at home. If something does get stolen tell the Police immediately so you can fill in a crime report. Otherwise your travel insurance might not cover you.

Here's a list of a few things you might need besides your usual clothes etc.

And last but not least remember that you are going to be WALKING a LOT so sensible footwear is a good idea. If it rains a lot the site can get very muddy so leave those six inch stilettos at home!

THE WEATHER IN FINLAND in July can be anything from +10 C to +30 C, rain and high winds to absolute calm and blazing sunshine. The weather also changes very quickly as the Festival site is next to a big lake so bring a bit of everything clothing wise. Layers are the best idea so you can get warm quickly should the weather take a turn for the worse. But lets hope it is as nice this year as it was last year!

Latest weather forecast for Joensuu:


Found property ends up in The Festival Info Office next to the Third Stage about 50 metres from Main Gate. If you find anything that obviously belongs to somebody and can’t find the owner nearby please take it there. After the Festival all valuables (like mobile phones, cameras, wallets etc.) go to the Joensuu Police Station (Poliisi) at Suvantokatu 17 B.

Map: www.intermin.fi/poliisi/joensuu/

Suvantokatu is in the middle of the map and the Police Station is where the word POLIISI is.

All other stuff like clothes, tents, sleeping bags etc. will go to the Festival Organisers Office (Pop Office) at Rantakatu 25 A 1, Joensuu.

Map: pk-kartat.jns.fi


The Meeting Point is roughly in the middle of the Festival site. It's called SONERA after one of the biggest mobile phone operators in Finland (who are the sponsors of theThe Meeting Point) It can be seen from almost everywhere in the Festival area so if you’ve lost your friends it’s easy to meet up again. Please note that certain mobile networks will not work in the Festival area at certain times purely because of the volume of mobiles there. So always make sure you know roughly where your friends are going to be just in case your mobile refuses to co-operate!


In Finland recycling is part of everyday life and everybody does it so please try to do your bit to keep the Festival environment and nearby areas as tidy as possible. There are plenty of bins all around the Festival site there is no need to litter.

There are two recycling points at the Festival site, one near the beach and one near the Second Stage, the YLEX-tent. You can sort out glass, metal, cardboard and mixed waste. There are recycling points also at the campsites. If you are not sure which waste goes where ask any Finn to show you, they’ll be happy to help you!


The artists, media and organisers are recording the performances at all of the five stages. Any person in the audience appearing on these recordings automatically give up all rights.


PETS are NOT allowed on the Festival site. We believe that a rock festival is not a safe environment for any pet.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE E-MAIL US AT: popoffice@ilosaarirock.fi