Growling for the initiated

American metal combo Terror made clear which way the wind blows straight from the start. I was reminded of high school basement bands: tough banging, relentless growling, no unnecessary nuances or quiet spots…

The gig remained energetic all the way through. Those initiated in metal music Terror hit like a ten ton hammer, and the lead singer orchestrated a mosh pit in the front rows. On the other hand, those who were little less familiar with metal found the unyielding banging slightly dull. Crowd’s comments varied a great deal. Somebody praised the band to no ends, other reflected that if the singer was replaced, the music might change into more tolerable direction.

Saturday evening seemed to have taken its toll on some peole. In the middle of the show, a brickhouse-sized gentleman urgently turned and vomited. This didn’t bother him at all, on the contrary. He continued on with his cigarettes just as he had before the express return of his lunch.

Text: Salla Brunou

Translation: Jari Rytkönen