Mood music under the shelter

The Cinematic Orchestra from United Kingdom has chosen its name appropriately. The band’s jazzy crossover music moves from tranquil ambience to intensive funk rhythms in the slipstream of movie soundtracks.Orchestra’s mostly instrumental tunes were exceptionally well received by the rain-beaten Ilosaarirock crowd. The people found an atmospheric refuge from the miserable weather in the YleX tent and dutifully clapped after every solo part.

The six-piece band (including a female voice) started with calmer material and, little by little, built up the mood. Musicians had a chance to prove themselves during solo parts, and the audience even had the opportunity to hear a long drum solo near the end of the show.

The sound and dynamics were spot on and the crowd’s reactions surprisingly positive in the face of this extremely challenging music style. The show eventually reached its happy conclusion, as would the whole festival soon enough – only one more band to go and then on to new adventures!

Text: Mikko Kupari
Translation: Jari Rytkönen