Cinematic Husky Rescue

07huskyrescue_em02.jpgHusky Rescue’s alternative pop rock has charmed listeners and critics around the world, and their music has also been heard on the popular TV show Soprananos. Their music can be described as extremely beautiful and addictive, but also highly challenging. Because of this, connecting with the audience in a live situation demands exceptional talent and charisma from the performers.These qualities were undoubtedly present as the band practically glowed on YleX Stage and charmed the pants off the audience.

Husky Rescue led the listeners to other worlds with the ethereal songs from their cinematic second album, and then continued on to more groovy atmospheres with their debut. Despite heavy touring the band radiated delight and gave hundred per cent to ensure a fantastic gig. Caravan from their newest, Ghost Is Not Real album, and Summertime Cowboy from their debut roused the audience to furious dancing and bobbing around.

07huskyrescue_em01.jpgReeta-Leena Korhola’s graceful voice first operated as a guide through the melancholic world of deep drum and bass lines and wistful melodies, and then rocked the enchanted festival audience’s world on more cheerful songs. All in all, the show was a scientifically exact whole, in which dream-like ballads and instrumental sequences alternated with more rock credible tunes. Those who were there to see the band should realise Husky Rescue’s uniqueness and incredible potential in the spectrum of music in Finland and the rest of the world alike.

Text: Tatu Teräväinen
Translation: Jari Rytkönen
Pictures: Eetu Mononen