A Tad Better than Average

You don't have to settle for mediocracy when you're listening to Elšin. This band is at least a tad better than average.

Never has anti-rock music been this exciting! Besides nice melodies, Elšin has quite good lyrics. And you can also dance, or twitch yourself, to their music if you like.

Elšin is about to release their debut album in the end of February, after which their artistic and financial success is probably inevitable. The clear physical resemblance to previously successful celebrities is a proof of this: singer-guitarist Torvinen is clearly a shorter, heavier and more high-spirited edition of the late Ian Curtis, whereas drummer Koskelo strikingly resembles the now-forgotten actor Kurt Russell. And the other members Kuikka, Hirvonen and Uusiniemi just generally look street credible with their celebrity lookalike friends.

This is a gig you don't want to miss!


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