Jukka Poika & Sound Explosion Band

The young godfathers of Finnreggae

Over the years, Jukka Poika, the rugged poster boy of Finnreggae, has contributed to numerous reggae groups, but not only reggae: somewhat unexpectedly in 2008, he did a record of Finnish golden oldies, and although this took Jukka Poika to a direction that was unfamiliar to him and his usual audience, it also revealed his ability to adapt to different musical styles.

The group seen at this year's Ilosaarirock Festival, Sound Explosion Band, consists mainly of the same musicians as Jukka Poika's break-through line-up, Soul Captain Band. Since the days of Soul Captain Band, this mob, arguably the official rhythm ensemble of Finnreggae, has been seen performing with several featuring artists, both domestic and foreign. They've also visited Ilosaarirock Festival a great many times, in recent years with such names as Raappana and Nopsajalka.

This group of friends and Finnreggae all-stars will flood the audience in a laid-back atmosphere with their mellow melodies from the length of Jukka Poika's colourful career.


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Jukka Poika