Kolmas Nainen

The flag-bearer of Finnrock still going strong

Sometimes it seems the like time has stopped: the stages and charts are ruled by the same artists that were there twenty years ago – like Kolmas Nainen, the steady flag-bearer of Finnrock. Even though the band hasn't been immune to the effects of time, it has definitely aged with style. In fact, all the travelled kilometres and time spent in other bands seem only to have increased the charisma of Kolmas Nainen over the years.

The new album Sydänääniä, released late last year, is a perfect showcase for where Finnrock stands today. One foot is steadily in the in the countryside, the other in the city – just like the majority of the band's fans. And after all these years, Kolmas Nainen remains unchallenged, sounding both fresh and familiar at the same time.

Kolmas Nainen last performed at the Ilosaarirock Festival nearly twenty years ago, but returns this summer. Iron your flannel shirt and start practising those singalong choruses, this gig is not to be missed!


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Kolmas Nainen