No Shame

Shameless punk rock with a big heart

A musician from Joensuu once opened his heart after No Shame's gig:

"There weren't a lot of people in the club - I myself ended up there by accident. I knew a couple of their songs and liked them but I was very tired. I thought I'd watch them for a few minutes and then go home to get some sleep. The band came in and obviously didn't give a damn that it was a working day next day and there weren't many people there. And when the drummer counted to four and started the engine I was totally blown away! Their tremendous energy spread into the audience, they played awesomely and the harmonies of the quartet lifted the choruses up to the roof. Brilliant songs, amazing show and almost scarily primitive, positive power. I had no choice but to smile through the gig. It was like I heard rock music there and then for the very first time!"

Years have gone by, but this depiction is still appropriate. During No Shame's gigs you always find yourself realising that rock is simply the best music there is. This band has played their music straight from the heart, with rare sincerity and great enthusiasm for over ten years now, and although their lyrics have grown darker and their message more critical since their rollicking days of love punk, they still haven't turned cynical. With great passion, No Shame plays their melodic punk rock that brilliantly combines rage and screaming with shamelessly catchy choruses. Hundreds of gigs around the world have streamlined this band into an unstopping gig machine second to none. Although the songs from the latest album Ironing Day have climbed up the charts, No Shame hasn't let go of their principles – music comes from enthusiasm, not mammonism. Ilosaarirock Festival extends a warm welcome to the most uplifting band in Finland. Raise your fist and feel no shame!

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No Shame