Olavi Uusivirta

The lovely Olavi

In these artist introductions it's more usual to refer to young and talented female artists with a certain L word. Having said that, itís probably best to use it here as well: a young and talented male artist, Olavi Uusivirta, is lovely. There's no way around it. Musician, singer, songwriter, actor, you name it – he's all that. Even though he's known for many things, what brings him to the Ilosaarirock festival is, first and foremost, that he's a distinguished musician who has found his own voice. Being still under thirty, he's somewhat unique in our country.

Olavi's fourth album was received with praises among the critics, but he's by no means only the reviewers' pet. So believe us: if you want to witness the gig up and close, you'd better hurry. The dark-toned romantic will conquer the audience heart by heart and ear by ear like a raging bull. Ilosaarirock is proud to present: Olavi Uusivirta!


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Olavi Uusivirta