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Pulled Apart by Horses (UK)

V.E.N.O.M. and a bunch of exclamation marks! And we are not talking about the black metal pioneers but a Leeds-based, energetic band who boldly combine the best of alternative rock, hardcore and punk and who borrowed the name of their latest single from Kronos and co. Pulled Apart by Horses is an exhilarating new encounter with the most promising of futures. While extremely aggressive, their music is fascinatingly hooking and catchy – a fact that was not left unnoticed by a certain band called Muse, who invited Pulled Apart by Horses as their support on their tour.

It is not the easiest of tasks to describe this band's music. They clearly have a unique sound that might be described as a combination of Fugazi, Refused, Biffy Clyro and something that reminds of the good old days of The Hives. Or something along those lines. Well, anyways, we can promise distortion, screaming, catchiness, twitching and attitude that knocks your socks off. And if these guys do not kick ass on stage, the program team will eat their hats. And pants for dessert.

Pulled Apart by Horses