“The best kind of high is one you’re born with”

On Sunday night it’s Rollomatik‘s turn to provide the beats at Rentodisko, and though the festival may be on it’s last legs, there are still plenty of dancing legs on the beach. The mood is one of languid satisfaction, tired but happy. The crowd is still eating up the reggae.

One of the people dancing on the beach is Tanja. “Thank god people dare to dance for once!” she sighs, explaining why she is still enjoying the beach. With her are her sister Sofia, her brother Samba-Samuli and her friends Tove and Teemu. As Sofia and Samuli put on their best show, Tanja quips about her siblings: “The best kind of high is one you’re born with.”

Besides dancers, there are always people just hanging around at the beach. Eating her meal on the grass is Anna, who is still in a great mood after Goran Bregovic‘s gig at Rento Stage: “I’ve got this ‘gotta have more of the same’ feeling. More Balkan sausage!” She also praises Rentodisko for keeping the spirit high between shows at Rento Stage.

During the second to last disco at the beach, it is proven definitively that friends attract each others. Yours truly sees one friend – and is soon surrounded by a whole gang of them. Seeing old friends has the added benefit of also making plenty of new ones. And the gentle beach scene at Rentodisko couldn’t be more pleasant for meeting people

Teksti: Outi Sulopuisto
Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

Aihe(et): In English.