“Festivals are supposed to be noisy!”

That’s what the singer and guitarist of Jaakko & Jay very aptly pointed out when they were performing on the bar area of Sue Stage. This folkpunk gig definitely produced an abundance of noise. The songs were fast-paced and energetic.

I hadn’t heard of this band before, so I had no idea what to expect. I was positively surprised. The singer had a perfect voice for folkpunk songs, and I thought it was really nice that his singing didn’t turn into screaming and screeching, which is something that has bothered me before when I’ve listened to this sort of music.

Jaakko & Jay relied on the very basics in their performance: their only instruments were an acoustic guitar and a set of drums. It was more than enough, and all that was needed for a great gig.

The show didn’t leave the audience cold – they seemed to like what they saw. Many were dancing and jumping excitedly in front of the stage. Jaakko threw in some spontanious and amusing comments, such as ”It smells like…. blue cheese!”. Jaakko & Jay didn’t take performing too seriously.

Text: Elina Saarela
Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila
Translation: Alma Tuominen

Aihe(et): Kohti Rokkia.