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Through the emerald forest with Swallow the Sun

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Majestic and saturnine. Ethereal and Byronic. Swallow the Sun‘s music could be described with so many adjectives, but somehow the longer, bit archaic and literary ones seem more appropriate. Their latest album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird has been a … Lue lisää »

Children of Bodom’s rough embrace

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

A week ago I was waiting nervously like so many others: what would happen to Children of Bodom‘s Ilosaari gig? Would it be cancelled like the shows in Oslo and at Ruisrock? Fortunately, our fears were unfounded; Alexi Laiho walked … Lue lisää »

The people are coming strong

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Herra Ylppö ja Ihmiset (English: Mister Ylppö and People) took to the Main Stage in the middle of Ilosaarirock’s Sunday set. First come the people and begin to play. They are followed by a bald-headed man, dressed in tight black … Lue lisää »

LAS – Dusky beats under the birch trees

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The clock’s about to strike three, and the front of the Truck Stage doubles as a waiting lounge for the couple handfuls of people who’ve come to see LAS, the pride of Joensuu’s electronic music scene.

The Three Smiths Show

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

What a blast! Gracias, Noah Kin and Ekow, in other words The Three Smiths Show, really set the stage ablaze. We had the pleasure of hearing close to 20 tracks during the time reserved for the three of the most … Lue lisää »

In dancehall, music and moves are inseparable

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English, Spesiaaliohjelma

In Jamaica, dancehall is an entire subculture formed around a street dance style – and dominated by men. In Finland, the opposite holds true: it is mainly women who dance and are responsible for bringing new trends from Jamaica to the country. … Lue lisää »

Chilling and dancing at the beach

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The sun has disappeared behind the clouds and the wind is blowing stronger, but despite the chilly weather, the second DJ’s at the lakeside Rento Stage C-Star with Gibson Jones have got the beach-party-people shaking the cold off their feet. … Lue lisää »

First Aid Kit – delicate but strong

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

The Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit has drawn plenty of people to the YleX-tent on Sunday afternoon. I could feel shivers down my spine right from the beginning. The minimalistic and sympathetic performance pleases the eye, but it’s their … Lue lisää »

GG Caravan drew a full crowd

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Whoah, that was some gig! GG Caravan played a breathtakingly good set at the Rento Stage at Ilosaari. There’s got to be some magic in that stage, every band that plays there is so great. Or maybe the bands are … Lue lisää »

NettiTV: Interview with Looptroop Rockers

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock interview with Looptroop Rockers’ CosM.I.C and Embee.

Enochian Crescent – On leaden wings

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Music festivals are favourable breeding ground for contrasts. The multitude of different shades and emotions is astounding, moods change from fun to fragile in a heartbeat. The variations of feelings we all share are written on the faces of people … Lue lisää »

The Whirlwind Named Nasum

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Geez louise! What a show! Nasum is back and firing on all cylinders. The mosh pit spins wildly through the entire set and the damn thing just keeps on growing and growing! I’m not sure Laulurinne has ever experienced a … Lue lisää »

Riistetyt – legends of Finnish hardcore

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Sunday’s start at the Sue Stage was rather bland on audience’s part, although the band calling the shots was Riistetyt, the living legends of Finnish hardcore. Only a handful of people had come to witness the musical bludgeoning, and the … Lue lisää »

Nerve End ready to go big

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Hair flying, double bass, mosh pit and fists in the air. Nerve End is a young local band with an air of greatness to them. My expectations were very low, so I was very pleasantly surprised. The singer had a … Lue lisää »

Dreamy pop from Regina

15.7.2012 | Aiheet: In English

Today Regina played one of their last gigs in a long time. They’re taking a break of indefinite length for a reason that became instantly obvious when they walked on stage: Iisa Pykäri, the lead singer, is heavily pregnant. That … Lue lisää »