Black Star Brought New York to North Karelia

A warm breath of air from the streets of New York puffs to Ilosaarirock in the form of Black Star. Talib Kweli and Mos Def, who your average Joe Bag o’ Donuts might better know through his movie roles, grow a swaying forest of hands at the front of the Main Stage.

The obvious flip side of the New York vibe is that some of the subjects dealt with are a bit hard to relate to in North Karelia. Still, that very same honesty and street cred serve to convert many new souls to hip hop.

The band gave it 100% from start to finish and there were no fillers. There was no idle prattle between the songs and maybe that is the reason why the performers’ compliments on the beauty of Finland felt so genuine. Mos Def also had time to charm the audience with his stylish dance moves.

The crowd lured to the Main Stage by a rarity of this caliber was surprisingly small. Common, for example, drew a bigger crowd a few years back.

The set concluded with an instrumental number that inspired Mos Def to play air guitar and air piano to the enjoyment of the cheering audience. The cheers were well deserved.

Text: Tuomas Vitikainen
Photo: Risto Kuittinen
Translation: Juha Peuhkuri





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