Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Your Environmental Actions

Ilosaarirock Festival does its best to lessen the load on the environment, but your input is just as important. Here are some tips on how you can help.

Recycle and bin your trash

The bins you find in the festival area have labels so that you know what to bin where. We hope that all trash finds its specific home, as this also helps to protect the environment.

Biodegradable waste (Biojäte)

Biodegradable waste All the plates and cutlery from the food stalls, even those that look like plastic. PLA plastic is biodegradable and made from renewable materials. This is also the place for napkins, left-over food and other decomposing matter. No cigarette stubs.

Energy waste (Energiajäte)

Energy waste For plastic wrappers, rinsed plastic food packagings (such as yoghurt cups), butter and margarine containers, plastic canisters and buckets, plastic bags, styrofoam, dirty and damp cardboard and waste wood and paper.

Mixed waste (Sekajäte)

Mixed waste This bin is for non-recyclable waste.

Metal (Metalli)

Metal For tins, lids and tops from glassware, crown corks and all other metalware.

Glass (Lasi)

Glass For glass jars, glass bottles and all other glassware. It's ok to leave paper labels and plastic rings on bottles and jars.

Cardboard (Kartonki)

Cardboard For brown cardboard, paper bags and wrappings from six-packs and twelve-packs. However, don't put in any wet or dirty material!

Cigarette stubs (Tupakantumpit)

Cigarette stubs Cigarette stubs contain a number of toxic chemicals and take a long time to decompose. The toxins end up in the soil and will leak into the water system. They're also nasty to clear up. Cigarette stubs should be placed in the designated ashtrays.

Bring only what you need, recycle the rest

  • Leave home everything that you don't really need.
  • You can get plastic bags to collect your garbage in at the camping area info points. In Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä you get a free gift when you take a full garbage bag to the recycling point.
  • On Monday morning you can leave dismantled and packed tents and shelters at the info points. They will be used for the next festival to make festival decorations and other nice stuff. Those who recycle a tent get a surprise gift!

Drink water from your own bottle

  • You're allowed to bring your own empty or unopened soda bottles and fill them from the water taps we have around the area.
  • Please close the tap as soon as you've filled your bottle. We don't want to waste the water and make the ground muddy.

Use the toilets

  • Please, don't pee just anywhere, as we have plenty of portable toilets and urinals in the area.
  • If you pee all around, it'll eventually end up in the water system, and the fish won't like that!

Travel with your friends

  • The trains have extra carriages during the festival weekend.
  • During the summer we will post tips about organised coach rides from different parts of the country to Ilosaarirock. Stay tuned!
  • Car sharing organisers get a voucher from the Ilosaarirock parking areas and with it a free Fair Trade coffee.

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