Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Festival Area

This page introduces the Ilosaarirock festival area and elaborates on the services in the area, including food stalls, cloakrooms, official bar areas, toilets, and places where you can change your ticket to a wristband.

The Ilosaarirock Festival takes place in the city of Joensuu, in Laulurinne, which is located about one kilometre from the city's market place. Laulurinne is a pretty, park-like area designed specially for large events. There is a beach inside the festival area.

The Ilosaarirock festival area renewed

In 2012 the festival area was expanded behind the Main Stage. This summer this area also accommodates the new Main Tent. The large and handsome Main Tent replaces the YleX Stage which is familiar to those who have been to Ilosaarirock in past years. The other newbie in this area is the Pop up restaurant Kerubi! As last year, the festival's film tent Ilosaari Lounge is also there.

Ilosaari Lounge, Pop up restaurant Kerubi ja The Main Tent

Ilosaarirock stages

Ilosaarirock Festival has five stages: Main Stage, Main Tent, Sue Stage, Rento Stage, and Rekka Stage.

Slots will be organised so that artists on the Main Stage, the Sue Stage and the Rekka Stage are playing at the same time, and the Main Tent and the Rento Stage are on simultaneously. In this way we try to minimise unfortunate overlaps as much as possible.

The Main Stage

The Main stage is situated in the middle lawn of Laulurinne. At the lawn in front of the Main stage you will also find two licenced bar areas, and the food stalls are situated on one side of the middle lawn. In front of the Main stage there is a platform for those who need a wheelchair.

The Main Tent (Tähtiteltta)

This summer's novelty is the Main Tent which has room for 10000 music lovers. It's located behind the Main Stage, on a lovely grassy area. This tent hosts the festival's pop, electro and alternative artists, as well as the Sulo Club, which kicks off the festival, on Friday July 12th. Next to the mixers there is a platform for those who use a wheelchair. In addition to an official bar area there are also water taps and several toilets close to the tent. Next to the tent are the Pop up restaurant Kerubi and the Ilosaari Lounge.

The Sue Stage

This summer the Sue Stage, home to heavy, punk and rock acts, is located where the YleX Stage used to be: that is, right after the entrance through the Second Gate, on your right.

The Sue Stage area offers you an official bar area, toilets and a water tap.

The Rento Stage

The Rento Stage, situated on the Linnunlahti beach, emphasises R n' B. It has actually become a festival of its own inside the context of Ilosaarirock festival. You can dance your worries away in the sand, relax, and enjoy. In between gigs on the Rento Stage, the Rento Disco keeps the mellow moods alive with affable and dancable rhythm music from various corners of the world.

In addition to the Rento Stage, the beach area hosts toilets, a licenced bar area, Ilosaari lounge and food stalls.

The Rekka Stage

The Rekka Stage is located right next to the festival's Main Gate. It offers a place for new and interesting talents to show us what they are made of. The musical indulgences at the Rekka Stage start already on Friday 12th of July in the Töminä Club. You can also follow the performers from the bar area situated right next to the stage.

Ilosaari Lounge

Located next to the Main Tent, in the Lounge tent you can take a little breather from the festival, charge your mobile, see some artist interviews being made, watch films or just chill out.


Ilosaarirock Festival starts with club events on Friday 12 July. The Sulo Club jams on Main Tent and The Töminä Club on the Rekka Stage.

The list of Sulo Club's and Töminä Club's performers you can find on the Line-up page.

There are no age limits to any of the Clubs. There are separate licenced bar areas at the Clubs, and to enter these you need to be 18 years of age.

Gates and festival area opening hours

There are two gates to the festival area: the Main Gate on Linnunlahdentie, and the Second Gate close to the Sue Stage. Both the Main Gate and the Second Gate are open throughout the festival weekend, that is, on Saturday and Sunday from 12am onwards. On Friday July 12, the Töminä Club entrance is through the Main Gate, and the Sulo Club entrance through the Second Gate. On Friday both gates open at 5pm.

After the final performer of the evening the entire festival area will be closed down.

Changing ticket for wristband

You can change your ticket for a wristband on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at ticket change points next to ice rink (see map).

Ticket change points opening hours:
Friday 12am – 11pm
Saturday 11am – 11pm
Sunday 12am – 8pm.

If Ilosaarirock tickets aren't sold out in advance, you can buy a ticket at a sales point next to ice rink. This sales point is open on Friday 12th of July from 12 noon to 11pm, on Saturday 13th of July from 11am to 11pm, and on Sunday 14th of July from 12 noon to 11pm. There is a limited number of tickets, so we recommend that you buy your ticket in advance.

On Friday you can buy your ticket to Sulo Club at the Second Gate, and your Töminä Club ticket at the Main Gate. The club tickets can be changed for wristbands at the club gates as well as in the ticket change points next to ice rink.

Cloakrooms (Narikka) and alcohol deposits (Viinanarikka)

Cloakrooms and alcohol deposits are located close to the horse track gate (see map). Cloakrooms and alcohol deposits cost 2€. Even sums for deposits make our work a lot easier while you spend less time queuing, so bring your coins! It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks to the festival site so alcoholic drinks must be left in the alcohol deposits.

Cloackroom opening hours:
Friday 5pm – 3am
Saturday 11am – 2am
Sunday 11am – 1am.

Remember to fetch your items in time before cloakrooms closes. We are not responsible for items that are not fetched.

Lost and found at Poppikoppi Information Point

The info point of Ilosaarirock, Poppikoppi, serves the audience through the festival weekend. It's located close to the Main Gate and is open 24 hours a day from Friday to Monday. Poppikoppi helps you in various things, be it a lost ticket or any other difficulty. Poppikoppi is also the festival's Lost and Found.

Fair brunch at Kuntokeidas

Ilosaarirock goers are going to be enjoying Fairtrade products at the fair brunch, which replaces the traditional rock breakfast (rokkiaamiainen). Fair brunch is served in Kuntoilukeidas hall center which is located near Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä camping sites. Brunch includes porridge, bread with accompaniments, salads, fresh vegetables, yogurt, fair coffee and tea. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm and it costs 12 euros.

Licenced bar areas

There are six licenced bar areas in the Ilosaarirock Festival area. The age limit for all licenced bar areas is 18 years. Be prepared to prove your age: in other words, always keep an official identification document with you (a photo ID card, a passport, or a driving licence).

You cannot take alcohol drinks out of the licenced bar areas.

Toilets and water taps

There are several toilet areas in the festival site. In the areas you can find both regular toilets and urinals. There are also toilets for the handicapped in the area.

There are free water taps in the festival area as well as in camping areas. Remember to take care of your fluid balance by drinking enough water!

Litter and recycling

There are several recycling points in the festival site and camping areas. There you can sort out glass, metal, cardboard and mixed waste. If you are not sure which waste goes where ask staff at recycling point to show you, they'll be happy to help you!

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