Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Between the Buried and Me (USA)

Between the Buried and Me

Exploding galaxies! One of the top names in math metal, Between the Buried and Me, released their magnum opus The Parallax II: Future Sequence last fall. This 72-minute monolith is filled with such a rush and megalomaniac fireworks that we here at Ilosaarirock Festival are hard pressed to find any rivals.

When it comes to the number of solos, speed, changes of key, and the instruments used, Between the Buried and Me breaks the scales in every category, and all this within first few minutes. With insane professionalism, this team from North-Carolina manages to keep it all together. Despite being endlessly varied, their aim is not to produce overtly tricky or difficult music. Damn! This is the music for some serious head- and beardbanging!

Sat 13th July

Sun 14th July

Sulo Club Fri 12th July

Töminä Club Fri 12th July

English text and translations by Tiia Joensuu, Sanna Lötjönen, Maija Palojärvi, Inkamari Välitalo and Jani Ylönen.

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