Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

The gigs of EToS are always something else. The rarely touring melodic death metal group visited Ilosaarirock Festival last time in the beginning of the millennium, and their return has been eagerly expected ever since. After all, it is no wonder these Northern metal men have been so anticipated, as their albums are the best in business: fierce, rugged, aggressive and atmospheric.

The band brings their possibly greatest album, Saivon Lapsi, to Joensuu. The album, influenced by the mysticism of Northern Finland, is the first release by EToS in four years, so expectations were naturally high. The album passes with flying colours. Raw riffs and even more guitar-based songs create a record not easily dismissed. Their newest recruit, guitarist Mika Lammassaari creates such wicked melodies from his instrument that you better hold on to your hats. Introduce yourselves to Eternal Tears of Sorrow before next July!

Sat 13th July

Sun 14th July

Sulo Club Fri 12th July

Töminä Club Fri 12th July

English text and translations by Tiia Joensuu, Sanna Lötjönen, Maija Palojärvi, Inkamari Välitalo and Jani Ylönen.

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