Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013



Hexvessel is led by Mat McNerney, an Englishman living in Finland, and they operate in deep waters. Their music, which relies heavily on nature mysticism, might first sound like a mixture of 70s Britfolk, prog and psychedelia – but in reality their power of expression comes from a much more primitive and hidden reality. Hexvessel's music is nowhere close to modern metal music and the atmosphere it creates is way wilder and devoted than the best black metal of today.

If one had to describe Hexvessel's music with just one word, the perfect one would be a mass. The ambience is devout, even oppressive and one can feel the higher forces lingering in the air when listening to their music. With their traditional instruments, the band is able to create something special, something where an occultist atmosphere is present. Their second album, released by Svart Records, received acclaim from the critics and the band was dubbed as "the Black Sabbath of the 21st century". Hexvessel wants to raise awareness of nature and it's preservation with its music, and also, explore what defines the holiness of things.

Sat 13th July

Sun 14th July

Sulo Club Fri 12th July

Töminä Club Fri 12th July

English text and translations by Tiia Joensuu, Sanna Lötjönen, Maija Palojärvi, Inkamari Välitalo and Jani Ylönen.

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