Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha

Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha

A few years ago some extraordinary horn tooting was heard in the Finnish Lapland. That was Jaakko Laitinen who, with his band Väärä raha, published an albumful of most intriguing music. The album presented a hungry orchestra that is certainly going to leave its mark on the Finnish popular music. Their next record Yö Rovaniemellä, published in the spring of 2012, blew the minds for good. The album went to charts, was very well presented in various annual votes and was finally given the award for the best folk album of the year. The band has been sought after abroad as well – they have been gigging in Turkey, Ukraine and as far as Kazakhstan!

In its perfectly unique way, Väärä raha blends Balkan rhythms, Finnish popular music and Slavic melancholy. The going is tough, horns hoot, booze smells and the wistful atmosphere reminds you of Aki Kaurismäki's beautifully quirky films. All this is tied together by Jaakko Laitinen who always gives his 110% for the interpretation, leaving no one cold.

In 2011 Väärä raha had the crowd moving and moved at the Sulo Club. This summer Jaakko Laitinen and his band take over the Rento stage, which is really the best place for this irresistible bubbly gang of vagabonds. Join the fun for something completely different!

Sat 13th July

Sun 14th July

Sulo Club Fri 12th July

Töminä Club Fri 12th July

English text and translations by Tiia Joensuu, Sanna Lötjönen, Maija Palojärvi, Inkamari Välitalo and Jani Ylönen.

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