Ilosaarirock Festival 12th – 14th July 2013

Squarepusher (UK)


To many the name Tom "Squarepusher" Jenkinson is synonymous with electronic music that rests upon manic, experimental, and progressive jazz. Indeed, Jenkinson began his career as a jazz bass player, but in the mid-nineties his career was changed by an encounter with a DR-660 drum machine. Since then his influence on the genre has been immense; alongside Aphex Twin he is probably one of the two most important electronic music artists in the world.

While Squarepusher chops up the rhythms with even more fervour than Aphex Twin, Jenkinson's approach to music is based on the tradition of British popular music. His songs, such as classics like Theme From Ernest Borgnine, Hello Meow and Coopers World, are full of beautiful pop melodies. He hasn't lost his virtuosity with the bass either; just listen to the bass line on Tetra-Sync from his album Ultravisitor! Damn!

His first show at Ilosaarirock Festival, and indeed in Finland, is part of promotional tour of his new album, Ufabulum. The record is a post-apocalyptic trip, a dreary yet beautiful soundtrack to play when the bombs drop. At Laulurinne, these visions of the end are projected onto huge led-walls. One of the most exhilarating concert experiences of the year is guaranteed.

Sat 13th July

Sun 14th July

Sulo Club Fri 12th July

Töminä Club Fri 12th July

English text and translations by Tiia Joensuu, Sanna Lötjönen, Maija Palojärvi, Inkamari Välitalo and Jani Ylönen.

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