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The Icelandic wonder of Sigur Rós

22.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Iceland is a strange country. Rugged, arctic nature with volcanoes and geysers. Horses with gaits unlike those of any other in the world. Sigur Rós, a band that plays music unlike that of any other in the world. The Sunday … Lue loppuun


19.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

The band has already started playing when I make my way to the Sue Stage. To my surprise, the tent is not completely packed and the general atmosphere seems to be rather serene. I haven’t seen Witchcraft on stage before, but I have heard good things about their shows, with special mentions on the singer’s stage performance. Lue loppuun

The nicest Lissie in the world

18.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

The interview is postponed by an hour and now I have more time to build up my nervousness, even though I know I have no reason to be nervous. After all, we’ll be interviewing Elisabeth Maurus, also known as Lissie, … Lue loppuun

NettiTV: Interview with Mustasch

16.7.2013 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock NettiTV interviews David Johannesson and Jejo Perković of Mustasch. Lue loppuun

NettiTV: Interview with Lissie

15.7.2013 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock NettiTV interviews Lissie about her music and the upcoming album Back to Forever. Lue loppuun

Adept – From Sweden with Love

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

It is no secret that Swedes, our beloved neighbors to the west, produce an insane amount of heavy metal. Excellent heavy metal. Ilosaarirock managed to grab one such act to liven up its Sunday evening’s schedule. This five-man ensemble hailing … Lue loppuun

NettiTV: Interview with Imagine Dragons

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: Haastattelut, In English, NettiTV

Ilosaarirock NettiTV interviews Daniel Platzman, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. Lue loppuun

Pushing squares

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Fantastically weird. Feverish breaks coupled with electro-noise hooked up to giant LED display. Squares, lines and curves in different colours. Man with a LED mask. UK-based Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, is all that and much more. Lue loppuun

The radiant Imagine Dragons

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

My expectations fly higher than the banners on top of Main Tent, while I wait for Imagine Dragons to take the stage. I found the band last winter by coincidence when I saw a TV ad with their hit Radioactive, and the song was an instant ear worm.Lue loppuun

Cool gig, hot weather

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

The Freerap Rentoshow is something Ilosaarirock hasn’t seen before. The national rap champion Solonen put up a four guy group just for Ilosaarirock and with a DJ they’ll rap about anything the crowd wants them to rap. Sunday’s third performer … Lue loppuun

The do’s and don’ts of festival style

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

DO: 1) Shave a lizard to the back of your head. Bonus points if you’re a woman. 2) Wear a dress. Bonus points if you’re a man. 3) Wear bunny ears. 4) Wear a foot-high stetson and a santa beard. … Lue loppuun

Wintersun victorious

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Wintersun, Jari Mäenpää’s grand project, has gradually grown to full-sized band, and what a band at that! The band’s two albums, the self-titled debut and the last year’s “Time”, have been major successes, both in the media and among the everyday metalheads, and now Wintersun has landed here in Ilosaarirock.Lue loppuun

Fast runs and wide grins at the skate park

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

“If you’ve never touched a deck before in your life, you can just run through the course!” This was how competitors were welcomed to the now legendary skateboarding competition organized by Tikari Skateboards. Afterward it was added that the course … Lue loppuun

Hot Chip in a hot tent

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Hot Chip is a widely lauded English electropop band founded in 2000, and I look forward to seeing them perform. I have never heard their music before, but apparently a lot of people have, as the Main Tent is filling … Lue loppuun

Best export from Finland 2013: Lost Society

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

I am facing something from Finland I can be really proud of. No, it’s not the latest Nokia phone, it’s a trash metal band called Lost Society. I met two very happy fellows from the band, guitarist and lead vocalist Samy Elbana and drummer Ossi Paananen. Lue loppuun

The web press triathlon

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Like any good festival, Ilosaarirock has a plethora of things to do other than listening to bands. To give you a taste of these extracurricular activities, web press decided to hold a triathlon showcasing the more athletic things available.Lue loppuun

Last Ride of the Day

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

This is it. The moment so many have been waiting for. Nightwish and the New Singer. From the looks of it, almost every able body on the grounds is somewhere in the neighbourhood of the Main Stage, waiting to get a glimpse of Floor Jansen’s first appearance at Laulurinne.Lue loppuun

On the Rento stage Karri Koira and Ruudolf

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

Sun had roasted all day long the festival crowd, which was more than ready for Karri Koira‘s and Ruudolf‘s gig at the Rento stage. Their entertaining performance made even the Scandinavian Hunks look bad and the festival crowd got what they came for. Lue loppuun

Math metal manifesto

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

I’ve had somewhat mixed feelings towards the extremely technical side of progressive metal known as math metal. Complexity for complexity’s sake has never been a big selling point for me. North Carolina’s Between Buried and Me was sold to me as a band that doesn’t unnecessarily make things too hard for the listeners, granted that it’s not easy-listening music either.Lue loppuun

Lissie charmed her crowd

14.7.2013 | Aiheet: In English

The kind of energy and inspiration Lissie emits can only be created and spread by a person who truly enjoys what she does. Lue loppuun