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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Aivovuoto / DJ Kridlokk / Tuuttimörkö (FIN)

Aivovuoto / DJ Kridlokk / Tuuttimörkö

The underground masters of Finnish rap scene are playing a three-some gig this summer. Anyone of the trio Aivovuoto, DJ Kridlokk and Tuuttimörkö could easily fill a festival slot all on their own, but we have the pleasure to enjoy all three of them at once at Laulurinne!

Founded by Jodarok of Kemmuru, Aivovuoto has risen quickly into one of the most interesting Finnish hip hop acts. Releasing material in a fast pace, Aivovuoto is made of cold, metropolitan beats, finished with Jodarok's sharp rhymes. Aivovuoto and Khid (a.k.a. Kridlokk) recently released a split LP which reached #3 on Finland's Official Album Chart.

If Aivovuoto releases material quickly, DJ Kridlokk must operate at the speed of light. Besides the split LP, he has released material in co-production with artists such as Eevil Stöö, RPK and KC/MD Mafia, and his solo album Mutsi (“Mum”) is considered to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of the decade. The album has received five-star-reviews and Kridlokk has sold out venues around Finland.

This tough trio is completed with a peculiar gangsta-goofy Tuuttimörkö, whose debut album On totta reached #3 on the chart, too. Growling beats and American atmosphere with a Finnish twist make sure that Tuuttimörkö's gigs are thoroughly enjoyable.

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