EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Apulanta (FIN)


Festival veteran Apulanta is going through exciting times in 2015. The band has evolved into a weapon of massive rock destruction, which is able to sell out huge gigs easily. It feels like there is absolutely nothing that Apulanta cannot do. Few would have thought, twenty years ago, that a band from humble Heinola would gain success like this. Except of course Toni Wirtanen and Sipe Santapukki.

Wondering about Apulanta's position ends when you check out their new collection album Syytteitä ja seurauksia, which includes 52 songs from along the bands significant career. There is no other band in Finland that can introduce such a collection of rock songs that everybody knows. The trio's down to earth attitude and respect for their fans seals the deal. With their newest addition Ville Mäkinen (on the bass), this is the band that deserves the success.

The collection album takes a trip down memory lane but the new single Sun kohdalla sets its sights to the future. Apulanta's new studio album comes out in the fall of 2015. Apulanta proves it can always put something new on the plate and therefore never disappoints the fans. For the audience of Laulurinne, Apulanta will give a Great Finnish Rock show! This is a gig you shouldn't miss.

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