EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Keinuva Lahna (FIN)

Keinuva Lahna

Not many people have heard of Keinuva Lahna. It's a real cult band that was most active in the early 1990s, releasing only two EPs that were sold out almost immediately. However, many people do know the Finnish band YUP and its distinct meld of punk and progressive music that later transformed into quirky alternative rock. Three members of YUP, among them the singer and one of the foremost Finnish rock lyricists Jarkko Martikainen, also play in Keinuva Lahna.

According to Martikainen, the music of their band could be described as cheerfully surreal. The most integral part of their sound is a jazzy horn section. Ethnic rhythms both jerky and groovy are combined with prog rock and folk. There might even be a hint of Finnish schlager here and there. Only one thing is for sure: Keinuva Lahna is something completely different.

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