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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Mäkki / Adi L Hasla / Kube (FIN)

Mäkki / Adi L Hasla / Kube

The young hopes of Finnish rap, Mäkki, Adi L Hasla and Kube, are coming to Ilosaarirock Festival for a joint gig which means you should lock up your daughters or else they are going to go crazy in the head and hips!

Originally hailing from Estonia, Mäkki became famous for his versions of hit songs Levikset repee and Salil eka salil vika. Laival eka laival vika spread online like wildfire and brought his name to the attention of rap fans. Since then, Mäkki's fame has grown with songs like Pahat Pimut, Dippaa and Grilli Kuumana. His first full-length album Ihan pomona will be released earlier in the year.

Adi L Hasla, from Jyväskylä, hit the jackpot with his song Hyi (also featuring Mäkki). Released in January, his single Flipperi hammers the beat with a trap sound reminiscent of Tippa-T and gives great promise for Adi's upcoming debut album. The trio is completed with Kube whose sophomore album Flow topped the album chart with the help of his hit song Homma menee alas.

All three rappers will be releasing an album in the spring, and if initial tasters are anything to go by, they are going to deliver the freshest rap sound of 2015. Remember these names – these fellas are going to take off big time!

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