EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Musta Paraati (FIN)

Musta Paraati

After an absence of three decades, the biggest cult band in Finnish history, Musta Paraati, returns to stages. As the singer Jore Vastelin passed away in 1993, the band is fronted by their perhaps biggest fan, Herra Ylppö. They play a selection of gigs at the most important festivals of the summer and are rumoured to go into the studio soon after. We are proud to announce that Musta Paraati will headline this year's Töminä Club!

Musta Paraati's debut album, Peilitalossa, set the scene for Finnish postpunk and goth rock. Their music, which oozes with desolation and disconnectedness, has gained a fearsome reputation among generations of music fans in the throes of urban misery. This gig will be worth a pilgrimage to the Töminä Club!

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