EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Paperi T (FIN)

Paperi T

Finnish rap scene has truly burst into the mainstream during the last decade. Artistically, we are now seeing its golden age, and for some artists only the sky seems to be the limit. Perhaps the best example of this is Henri Pulkkinen, a.k.a. Paperi T, known from the hip hop group Ruger Hauer and the duet Paperi T & Khid, as well as from his collaborations with the master of Finnish experimental music, Paavoharju. His versatility and broadmindedness have made Paperi T one of the most interesting Finnish rappers today. His lyrics cheekily mix elements from high and low cultures and prove that the talk of the unique voice of the millenials isn’t an exaggeration.

Paperi T may have been the top voice in the Finnish rap scene in the last few years, but so far the fans have been left waiting for a solo album. The time for that has finally come, and the first two singles of the new album Malarian pelko are fantastic examples of the artist’s skills. Sä jätät jäljen, which has also moved into the Finnish charts, combines futuristic club beats to bitter tales of a breakup. Resnais, Beefheart & Aalto, in turn, is filled with allusions and its minimalism approaches spoken word poetry. It seems that to this man, everything – save compromises – is possible.

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