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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Pariisin Kevät (FIN)

Pariisin Kevät

Where were you on that sunny afternoon on July 17, 2010? That day is significant not only to Ilosaarirock Festival, but also to a certain band and its history. Of course, we are talking about Pariisin Kevät, and the date is the day they played their first live gig.

We've come a long way from the day when mastering engineer Minerva Pappi had a dream where Arto Tuunela would lead a band called Pariisin Kevät ("Parisian Springtime"). Originally planned to be only a studio project, this band has become a part of Finnish music history. The band's first two albums Meteoriitti and Astronautti with their popular hits (Pikku Huopalahti, Samoilla raiteilla, Tämän kylän poikii, Matkalla etelään) awakened so much attention that this studio project had to step out into the daylight. And we are lucky that they did.

After their first show Tuunela & Co. have released more successful albums, sold out clubs and venues in a heartbeat and filled the main stages of Finland's biggest festivals, leaving no questions about whether they have earned their status.

Arto Tuunela has undoubtedly one of the sharpest song-writing pens in Finnish music scene. He has created catchy radio hits and hauntingly beautiful songs for crowds to sing along. His naïve yet sharp-sighted lyrics bring a smile to your face or make you join the song and Tuunela's amazing voice.

We are so pleased that Pariisin Kevät will rock our dance floor again this summer, welcome back!

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