EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L (FIN)

Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L

Jouhikko is a traditional bowed lyre held between the musician's legs, and back in the day it was used to accompany dances in Karelia and Eastern Finland. There will also be dancing this summer when the jouhikko artist Pekko Käppi and his band K:H:H:L aka Kuolleiden Hevosten Hillittömät Luut (“The Uncontrollable Bones of Dead Horses”) will bring this traditional Finnish folk music to the 21st century.

This Kalevala blues has similarities with the works of Tuomari Nurmio and Tom Waits, with added psychedelia and the ferociousness of Finnish punk. Kauko Röyhkä, who has written lyrics for Käppi, says that it is in fact sheer voodoo. The primal singing and the hypnotically repetitive rhythms will transport the listener somewhere far away, from where one does not want to return. There is no other option but to go with the music. It doesn't matter if you don't know the band yet, just come to the gig – because Pekko Käppi is a Finnish national treasure.

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