EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Pimeys (FIN)


Pimeys, from Helsinki, seems to be the band that everyone's talking about right now. They have been praised in national newspapers, and their single Hetki vielä seems to be on the playlist on every radio station in Finland. Their second album Aika tihentyy positively surprised even the pickiest music enthusiasts with its honesty. Pimeys isn't about irony or chasing trends, all they want to do is play catchy rock music and move you with their storytelling. That's really refreshing!

Pimeys relies on the basics. The songs are beautiful and their choruses stick to your head, and they make breathing just a bit easier for a few minutes. The musical legacy of Finnish bands Ultramariini and Egotrippi can be heard in the sound, and these guys probably also own a record or two from Future Islands and The War on Drugs. Nothing wrong with that. Despite the clear influences, Pimeys stands solidly on its own feet, and their musical talent can't be disputed. These effortless songs make us remember festival summers and vacation crushes gone-by. We need more bands like this!

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