EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Putro Parvella (FIN)

Putro Parvella

Something special will happen in the Main Tent at the Ilosaarirock Festival on Saturday, the 18th of July. Singer-songwriter Samuli Putro will make his only appearance on stage this summer and it will be a show to remember. Putro Parvella is much more than just a festival gig you go to when you're half drunk. You are in for a deep experience that will ingrain itself into your memory.

Putro Parvella is a concert with an acute set design and lighting that you can only experience at the Ilosaarirock Festival. Putro is joined by the Joensuu City Orchestra with a new wave conductor, Yari. Yari is also in charge of the arrangement. The concert repertoire comprises of Putro's songs that have touched many people and will now debut as orchestral versions.

Make sure to attend the show. You won't experience this anywhere else.

Set design: Panu Kontkanen
Lighting: Miika Riikonen
Electric sounds: Mara Salminen
Arrangement and conducting: Yari
Orchestra: Joensuu City Orchestra
Vocals: Samuli Putro

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