EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Sunn O))) (USA)

Sunn O)))

In 1998, a strange, heavy sound was heard in Seattle, the home of grunge. It was the birth of a drone metal band, Sunn O))) – and the world was never the same. The band was named after the Sunn amplifier brand and became famous for their unique synthesis of ambient, noise and extreme metal. At its worst and best, the band is as heavy as death.

In addition to distorted guitars, the music of Sunn O))) incorporates cinematic atmospheres and hypnotic soundscapes charged with disconcerting power. Sunn O))) is a band that you must experience live at least once in your life. Aficionados of alternative music and out of body experiences will get their treat day this summer at Laulurinne. Welcome.

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