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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Festival Life

The Festival Life page will be updated during the spring and actual festival weekend. It will feature stories and photos written and taken by dozens of journalists and photographers about bands as well as numerous other interesting phenomena around Ilosaarirock festival.

Sunn O))) creates a world of fog and noise

21.7.2015 klo 21:07

Sunn O))). Kuva: Janne Sund

An unpenetrable fog, a silent crowd. Somewhere a lone fist rises up, over there someone is gazing at their shoes. Without any drums to give rhythm, using only guitar feedback and low growling vocals, the music of Sunn O))) slowly infiltrates the subconscious, creating an unforgettable live music experience.

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Tom Odell: ”It is nice to have fans”

19.7.2015 klo 21:22

Tom Odellin pianopohjainen melankolia upposi hyvin rokkiyleisöön.

Tom Odell is the type of guy who doesn’t make a big fuss out of himself. However, that is just the reason why everyone else is fussing over him. He moved the audience in the Main Tent and called Joensuu a beautiful city in an interview just moments before the gig.

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