Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Passenger (UK)


The British solo artist Passenger will arrive to Ilosaarirock following Ellie Goulding's show being cancelled due to an illness. Passenger, aka Mike Rosenber, is well-known for his massive 2012 hit Let Her Go, which is concidered to be one of the biggest hits of the whole decade. The song took number the one spot in the charts in 16 different countries.

Passenger, who has released seven albums, is known for being a charismatic performer who can fill massive stadiums with this immensive charisma. Passenger is truly a classic singer-songwriter who combines elements from tender folk music with British songwriting. Audiences have often compared Passenger to his British colleague Ed Sheeran.

Passenger will perform at Ilosaarirock Main Stage on Saturday July 16th at 8.30 pm. Consequently, Antti Tuisku will start his show on the same stage at 11.30 pm.

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