Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Scandinavian Music Group (FIN)

Scandinavian Music Group

Scandinavian Music Group, also known simply as SMG, has made clever and melodic Finnish poprock for over fourteen years. For the Finnish audience the members were already familiar from a widely popular band Ultra Bra, which disbanded in 2001. SMG is not, however, a continuation or a replacement for that band, for they have created their personal brand of music since the beginning.

Successful singles, albums, and touring have ensured SMG's popularity. They redefined their sound in 2007 with their fourth album Missä olet Laila?, adding more folk elements and country vibe to the mix, though they have since reintroduced more electric sounds to their music. Their eight studio album Baabel saw daylight in last October. SMG's gigs are a delightful combination of intimate living room music sessions and world-class musicianship. Treat your senses and come and enjoy SMG in the middle of the Finnish summer.

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