Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Tiisu (FIN)


There has been an occational concern for the well being of Finnish rock. Conversations about the lack of refreshing new bands have been heard in the far corners of pubs and coffee houses. Sure, the old guard is still alive and kicking, but is there anything new on the horizon? You can finally rest easy.

Tiisu is the kind of band whose songs are known by many, but the band itself is not. Songs like Elämältä turpiin sain ja Tänään sä musta hullaannut have received a great deal of radioplay, but a picture of the singer-guitarist Henrik "Tiisu" Illikainen is not yet on everyone's nightstand. Despite of their hit singles and their debut album Elämän koulu, Tiisu is still a band in the very beginning of their career. We suggest you come and listen. Seeing Tiisu's gig at Ilosaarirock might very well be something you use to impress people in the upcoming years.

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