Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016


Dear Journalists

Every year, approximately 200 representatives of Finnish and international media converge on Joensuu to take part in Ilosaarirock Festival. In 2016, the festival will be held on July 15–17.

For interview requests about Ilosaarirock Festival:
Executive producer mr. Petri Varis, tel. +358 44 293 6889,

General media queries:

Media accreditation

The media accreditation for Ilosaarirock Festival 2016 has ended. Applicants will be informed via email by 27th June. If you have not received a response, please contact us at .

Check in point

You can collect your press passes, including a photo license, from the check in point which is located at the lobby of the near-by ice rink.

Location of Check in point

Check in opening hours:
Wednesday 13th July from 12am to 5pm
Thursday 14th July from 12am to 6pm
Friday 15th July from 12am to 10pm
Saturday 16th July from 10am to 7pm
Sunday 17th July from 11am to 4pm

Media Centre – location and services

The Media Centre (Mediakeidas in Finnish) is located behind Ilosaari Lounge. The Media Centre will be open on Friday from 6pm to 11pm, on Saturday from 12 noon to 11pm and on Sunday from 12 noon to 11pm. It is also possible to arrange special opening hours, but preferably well in advance. Your visits to the Media Centre can be work-related, but you can also go there just to rest from the seething crowds.

At the Media Centre you will find three laptop spots with internet connections and two laptops with internet connection. The computers are meant mainly for writing articles and transferring photos. In case you need any extra devices, please contact the staff: / tel. +358 50 336 0195.

Media Centre is hosted by mr. Jouni Tirri
Tel. +358 50 336 0195.

Interview requests for artists

Interview requests for both Finnish and foreign artists must be made directly to the artist's record company. You will find the contact information below. If necessary, the staff at Media Centre will forward requests to artists.

The media representatives do not have a direct access to the backstage artist areas. The VIP tent and the Media Centre, for example, are good places to arrange interviews in. The Media Centre staff will help in all possible ways with arranging times and places for interviews.

Contact information of artists for interview requests

Domestic artists

  • Amorphis: Liina Rislakki / Sony Music,
  • Anna Puu: Samuli Väänänen / The Fried Music,
  • Antti Tuisku: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • Aurora: Pirita Pykäläinen / Sony Music,
  • Cheek: Carla Ahonius / Fullsteam,
  • Chisu: Ei tee haastatteluja
  • Death Hawks: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Eevil Stöö: Keijo Kiiskinen / Monsp Records Oy,
  • Elastinen: Essi Kivitie / Rähinä Records,
  • Gasellit: Jannika Nyqvist / Universal Music,
  • Ihana Leijona: Heta Hyttinen / Ginger Vine Management & PR,
  • Ismo Alanko: Sami Rikala / Sony Music,
  • J. Karjalainen: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • Jeremy Folderol: Heli Puhakka / Warner Music,
  • Juice Normaali: Joose Berglund / Stupido Records & Booking, tel. +358 40 546 8779,
  • JVG: Ei tee haastatteluja
  • K-X-P: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Kesä: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Kohti Tuhoa: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Kotiteollisuus: Tuula Salminen / Universal Music,
  • Kumikameli: Joose Berglund / Stupido Records & Booking, tel. +358 40 546 8779,
  • Lasten Hautausmaa: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • LEO: Sami Rikala / Sony Music,
  • Lopunajan Mies: Kari Pössi / Piikkikasvi Agency,
  • Maj Karma: Sami Rikala / Sony Music,
  • Moonsorrow: Liina Rislakki / Sony Music,
  • Motions: Jannika Nyqvist / Universal Music,
  • Musta Risti: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • The Mutants: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Nikke Ankara: Satu Snellman / Universal Music,
  • Olavi Uusivirta: Tara Kojonen / Universal Music,
  • Paperi T: Jannika Nyqvist / Universal Music,
  • Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana: Sami Rikala / Sony Music,
  • Ruger Hauer feat. Regina: Jannika Nyqvist / Universal Music,
  • Rusto:
  • Saimaa: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • SANNI: Ei tee haastatteluja
  • Scandinavian Music Group: Pirita Pykäläinen / Sony Music,
  • Shiraz Lane: Heta Hyttinen / Ginger Vine Management & PR,
  • Stam1na: Katja Vauhkonen / Fullsteam,
  • Stig: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • Särkyneet:
  • Teksti-TV 666: Esa Tontti / Alt Agency,
  • Tiisu: Sami Rikala / Sony Music,
  • Timo Lassy Band: Olli Suutela,
  • Tippa-T: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • Tryer:
  • Tähtiportti: Jukka Taskinen / Svart Music / Oy Svart Musik AB,
  • Vesala: Isadora Kamotskin / Warner Music,
  • View: Martin Linnankoski / VILD,
  • Viikate: Tuula Salminen / Universal Music,
  • Yona: Keijo Kiiskinen / Monsp Records Oy,

Foreign artists

  • Bury Tomorrow: Johannes Kinnunen / Fullsteam,
  • Haken: Liina Rislakki / Sony Music,
  • Passenger: Tommi Muhli / Playground Music, tel. +358 10 292 0512,
  • Paradise Lost: Silke Yli-Sirniö / Nuclear Blast,
  • Propagandhi: Johannes Kinnunen / Fullsteam,
  • Skepta: Johannes Kinnunen / Fullsteam,
  • TesseracT: Liina Rislakki / Sony Music,
  • The 1975: Tuula Salminen / Universal Music,
  • Volbeat: Tuula Salminen / Universal Music,
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