Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017


Here you can find everything that you need to know about the accommodation options for the festival weekend. You can choose from the two official Ilosaarirock Festival camping sites (Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä), school accommodation, Holiday Linnunlahti camping site, and hotels in Joensuu and nearby areas. Hotels are booked full very early, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Ilosaarirock Festival hosts two camping sites located right next to the festival area. The larger of the sites, Ravileirintä, is an ideal choice for those about to party, while Niittyleirintä is the right one for festival guests looking for higher-end services and peaceful sleep.

The Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä camping sites are reserved only for Ilosaarirock Festival goers, and only people who have a valid Ilosaarirock Festival ticket or wristband can stay there.

Niittyleirintä camping

Niittyleirintä is the peaceful camping with a touch of luxury! Only a limited number of campers will be allowed to its lush, green grass, and every tent is reserved a spacious spot to allow guests to have a comfortable festival camping experience. There are plenty of toilets and water taps and special attention has been paid on cleanliness and the recycling possibilities.

The Niittyleirintä guests have access to Niittyleirintä Lounge with mobile phone charging points and some space for putting your feet up. There is also Village Shop selling food and drinks. A campfire site is also available.

Showers are located at Kuntokeidas, a sporting hall right next to Niittyleirintä. Show your Niittyleirintä shower ticket at the door to get a free shower. With your Niittyleirintä wristband, you can also visit the Ravileirintä camping site.

The Niittyleirintä camping site is open from Friday 14 July 6pm to Monday 17 July noon.

Price for camping is 48,50€ / person for advance reservations before 30th Jun and 58,50€ after 1st Jul or purchased at gate. You can reserve your Niittyleirintä ticket in advance from

Ravileirintä camping

You either love it or hate it – Ravileirintä is the original, unique, legendary camping site of Ilosaarirock Festival! Even here, nights are supposed to be for sleeping, but apart from that, thousands of campers make sure that the area is the home of a lively festival atmosphere from Thursday evening all the way until Monday morning.

Ravileirintä is equipped with toilets, water taps, a campfire site and a food stall. Next to the main gate, there is a kiosk selling coffee, drinks and snacks, and near the kiosk, there is a lounge with mobile phone charging possibility.

A dedicated gate from Ravileirintä camping site directly to the festival area is open for all weekend for over 18 year old customers. Gate leads to licenced bar area and the age limit for all bar areas is 18 years. Be prepared to prove your age: in other words, always keep an official identification document with you (a photo ID card, a passport, or a driving licence).  The Ravileirintä guests cannot visit the Niittyleirintä camping site. Showers are available at Kuntokeidas sporting hall and Vesikko swimming hall.

The Ravileirintä camping site is open from Thursday 13 July 6pm to Monday 17 July noon.

Price for camping is 33,50€ / person fro advance reservations before 30th Jun and 43,50€ after 1st Jul or purchased at gate. You can reserve your Ravileirintä ticket in advance from

Good to know about Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä camping sites

  • Both camping sites are open 24 hrs a day from the opening time to the closing time. The camping site staff is at your service at all hours.
  • The camping sites are only for Ilosaarirock Festival guests. This means that only people with a festival ticket or wristband are allowed to the camping sites.
  • There is no age limit to the camping sites and people under 18 are welcome.
  • Please change your festival ticket to the wristband at the camping site gate when you are checking in to the camping site.
  • To guarantee the safety and comfort of our guests, we have rules on matters such as campfires and safety distances between tents. Do not bring furniture (really!) or dangerous goods to the camping sites.
  • Do not bring with you anything that you don't want to take with you on Monday morning.
  • Camping sites are equipped with recycling points.


Showers for Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä customers are located at Kuntokeidas sports hall (located next to camping sites) and Vesikko swimming hall (500m walk from festival site).  With your Ilosaarirock wristband you can swim and take a shower at the Vesikko swimming hall for a price of 4 euros. Vesikko is open on Friday from 6am to 8pm, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm and on Monday from 6am onwards. At Kuntokeidas sports hall you can take a shower for 3 euros on Fri from 8am to 10pm and on Sat / Sun from 8am to 11pm. Kuntokeidas showers are free of charge for Niittyleirintä camping customers.

School Accommodation

School and gym hall accommodation is an inexpensive way to spend the nights comfortably during the Ilosaarirock Festival. It is dedicated only for Ilosaarirock Festival goers, so be prepared to show your festival ticket or wristband as you arrive. There is no age limit for school accommodation and people under 18 are welcome.

School accommodation is open from Friday 14 July 2pm to Monday 17 July noon. Reception is open 24 hours.

School accommodation is located at Lyseo school, street address: Koskikatu 8, Joensuu. School accommodation is organized by Liiga Riento.

The accommodation ticket includes a soft mattress and a shower facility. Other services available for those accommodating at the school and gym hall are a guarded cloakroom and a café in which you can also have a sturdy breakfast.

The festival bus service that runs between the railway station and the festival site will stop at the school accommodation on Friday and also on Saturday morning.

Price for school accommodation (for advance reservations before 1st Jul) is 20€ / 1 night, 33,50€ / 2 two nights, 43,50€ / 3 three nights.

Price for school accommodation (for advance reservations after 1st Jul or at checking in) is 23,50€ / 1 night, 38,50€ / 2 nights, 48,50€ / 3 nights.

You can reserve your school accommodation ticket in advance from

Holiday Linnunlahti

Holiday Linnunlahti is a camping site owned by the City of Joensuu and located right next to Laulurinne and the main gate of the festival site. At the Linnunlahti camping site, you can stay in a cottage or bring your own tent or caravan.

More information, prices and bookings:

Hotels in Joensuu

Hotels in Joensuu will be booked full during the festival weekend, so make sure you book your room well in advance. Please visit for more information about hotel accommodation at Joensuu area.

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