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Every year, approximately 200 representatives of Finnish and international media converge on Joensuu to take part in Ilosaarirock Festival. In 2019, the festival will be held on July 12–14.

Here you can find information about media accreditation to Ilosaarirock Festival and press photos for media use.

Media accreditation

Media accreditation for Ilosaarirock Festival 2019 has ended.

For information about accreditation, please contact .

Check in point

You can collect your press passes, including a photo license, from the check in point which is located at the upstairs lobby of the near-by Joensuu Areena.

Check in opening hours:
Thursday 11th July from 12 noon to 6:30pm
Friday 12th July from 10am to 9pm
Saturday 13th July from 10am to 6pm
Sunday 14th July from 10am to 4pm

Interview requests

For interview requests about Ilosaarirock Festival:

Executive producer mr. Petri Varis, tel. +358 44 293 6889,

General media queries:

Use of wireless equipment

The use of the wireless equipment is coordinated and the use without given permission is not allowed under any circumstances.

Please contact the RF-coordinator:
Ville Kärkkäinen / Bright Finland Oy

tel. +358 50 491 5874

Coordinated equipment includes radio microphones, in-ear systems and all the wireless devices using the frequency range 470 – 865MHz. If you're unsure about the frequency range of your device the festival's RF-coordinator will be happy to assist. Please contact the RF-coordinator by July 3nd 2018 to get the allocated frequency and transmit power for your device.

Press photos

Ilosaarirock Festival 2019

Ilosaarirock Festival 2019: DJ Snake, perjantai 12.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival DJ Snake, Friday 12.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival
Photo: Kalle Kervinen
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Ilosaarirock Festival 2019: Olavi Uusivirta, lauantai 13.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival Olavi Uusivirta, Saturday 13.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival
Photo: Kalle Kervinen
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Ilosaarirock Festival 2019: JVG, lauantai 13.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival JVG, Saturday 13.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen
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Ilosaarirock Festival 2019: The Chainsmokers, sunnuntai 14.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival The Chainsmokers, Sunday 14.7.2019, Ilosaarirock Festival
Photo: Valentin Abramenkov
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Alcest Alcest
Photo: David Fitt
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7360 × 4912 px, 5.8 Mb
Alma Alma
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6000 × 4000 px, 8.6 Mb
Architects Architects
Photo: Ed Mason
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4129 × 2913 px, 6.6 Mb
The Chainsmokers The Chainsmokers
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3200 × 4000 px, 7.8 Mb
Cheat Codes Cheat Codes
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1638 × 2048 px, 273 Kb
Dermot Kennedy Dermot Kennedy
Photo: Daniel King
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DJ Snake DJ Snake
Photo: Miko Goncalves
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5304 × 7952 px, 7.9 Mb
Photo: Chigi Kanbe
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Pale Waves Pale Waves
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6496 × 4872 px, 4.2 Mb
Rae Sremmurd Rae Sremmurd
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1000 × 860 px, 267 Kb
Shame Shame
Photo: Osman Zafar
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Sunrise Avenue Sunrise Avenue
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Ilosaarirock / Ilotulitus Ilosaarirock / Ilotulitus
Photo: Antti Pitkäjärvi
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Ilosaarirock / Päälava Ilosaarirock / Päälava
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen
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Ilosaarirock / Tähtiteltta Ilosaarirock / Päälava
Photo: Arttu Kokkonen
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