Apulanta (FIN)


There is every reason to call Apulanta the greatest rock band in Finland. On the go since 1991, Apulanta are showing no signs of slowing down. When Finns were asked about their all-time favourite rock song, Apulanta’s Pahempi toistaan was voted as the clear winner, and the top 40 responses included seven of their songs in total. Killer hits like Anna mulle piiskaa, Mato and Mitä kuuluu are loved equally as much by both old punks and teenagers of today.

One reason why the band stays current is their willingness to experiment and jump head first into new ventures. Their latest EP, Make Nu Metal Great Again (including the awesome hit single Lokin päällä lokki), is another testament to the fact that these guys just couldn’t care less about following modern music trends. And kudos to them, right?

It’s been our absolute pleasure to have welcomed Apulanta on stage at Ilosaarirock Festival since their early days, and this year makes no difference. It’s time to rock this place to the ground like it’s the 1990s!

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