Gettomasa (FIN)


Gettomasa, is a former Finnish champion of freestyle rap and released his second solo album, Diplomaatti, to critical acclaim in May 2019. Immediately after its release, Diplomaatti reached number one in the official Finnish album charts and spent the next 25 weeks in the Top 10. Gettomasa knows how to strike while the iron is hot – he was catapulted to nationwide fame in a flash when Finland won the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2019 and the rapper headlined the massive event that was held in Helsinki as fans took to the streets to celebrate the victory. In December, Gettomasa rounded off the most successful year of his career so far by receiving five nominations at Finland’s most prestigious music awards, Emma Gaala.

The secret to Gettomasa’s prolific success lies in his relentless self-confidence, sharp rhymes, effortless flow and song craftmanship that has been influenced by decades of rap history. The man has talent, and he truly deserves every bit of recognition that he’s earned: Gettomasa is without doubt the messiah of Finnish rap.


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