Insomnium (FIN)


Originally hailing from Joensuu, Insomnium have risen at a steady pace to be part of the crème de la crème of European metal bands. This cannot be said about many bands, but Insomnium have managed to surpass their own (and their fans’) expectations with every album. Following the breathtaking epic that was Winter’s Gate, many thought that the band had reached their creative peak. Well, it turns out that these extraordinary fellas still have more to give and their new album is another tour de force. Heart Like a Grave, which was released last year, shows that when it comes to musical talent and ingenuity, only the sky is the limit for these guys.

Insomnium's brand of melodeath has always shown a lot of flair, but with the new album their musical expression is more melodious, imaginative and awe-inspiring than ever. This band is a national treasure that everyone in Finland can be proud of.

Great to have you home, guys – we’ll be waiting to welcome you with open arms ...and a full on mosh pit!

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